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Our goal is to provide you with community-based events to get your creative juices flowing and your heart opening.

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Beginning April 4th
Meets on Mondays at
5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST

move into

We were overwhelmed by the incredible feedback we received from our first round of this journey, so we are offering it again! 

If you feel the call to unleash more love and manifest an abundant life, then we are thrilled to invite you to our newest course, Move into Magnetism. This is a heart-centered offering designed for those ready to embrace change with courage and candor.

In this provocative 8-week journey, based on the bestselling book “Calling in the One,” you dive in deep to uncover and transcend what holds you back. Through gentle guidance and intuitive listening, you can expect to resolve the blocks that keep you feeling small and stagnant.

Join our sacred circle of seven participants to access the magic of being witnessed and the healing power of witnessing others reveal insights not yet thought or spoken. This method of inner exploration held by a safe space of committed individuals proves time and again to be the perfect medicine for liberating your Truth. 

We look forward to walking alongside you as you Move into Magnetism and experience the magic of conscious loving and living.

Investment: $320
Choose between paying in two separate installments via our payment plan, or pay in full up front (via the "Sign Up" link below) for a discounted rate of $280. Email us for payment plan details at

with ash silver

An 8-week journey based on
"Calling in the One"

Journey Begins April 4th

guided meditation

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned meditator, this 10 days of guided meditation offers the perfect kickstart to 2022!

Through this self-paced meditation and reflection journey you will...

-Become present to your physical, mental and energetic body
-Release what you no longer want to carry
-Clarify intentions and your vision for the future
-Develop practices to cultivate your future vision

What's included:
-Access to 10 Guided meditations of 15 to 20 minutes
-Daily reflection prompts and exercises
-These meditations are yours forever!


with alyssa williams-sinn

10 Days of Guided Meditation and Reflection


"North Node helped me
discover my passion."


“I loved this workshop and it had a huge impact on me. The questions helped me break through some things I’ve been struggling with. It’s been one month and now I am doing new volunteer work that I love and I’m about to join the board of this organization." 

Caitlin R.

“I honestly felt a huge weight lift when we went through the visualization process and I realized I’m not breathing deeply enough through the day. Tonight provided me with clarity that I am putting a lot of pressure on myself that I need to love my job and when I don’t its impacted other areas of my life but I came to the realization that I need to focus on activities that energize me- like DIY or volunteering. Thank you so much!”