The debut event for North Node was “Win the Morning” with Canadian Olympian Javelin Thrower, Liz Gleadle.

I met Liz over drinks at wedding, I definitely could have used this morning routine the next day.

She’s distilled her routine to a “minimum viable product” that makes a difference to your health and day. Here it is:

Salt Water and Lime — 2 minutes
¼ tsp. sea salt + ¼ lime + 12–16 oz. room temp water .
Drink this up before your coffee for enhanced digestion, more alertness, and liver health. And make sure you are drinking as much water as coffee.
Pro tip- add an umbrella straw and pretend its a margarita.

Movement — 90 seconds
Choose one repetitive exercise or movement to do for 90 seconds. You will boost your metabolism, boost your immune system through lymphatic drainage, and increase alertness through a cortisol release.
Pro tip- put on a song that’s entirely too aggressive for the morning and squat it out.

Cold Exposure — 60 seconds
You knew it was coming. 60 seconds of shocking cold at the END of your shower will increase your immunity, alertness and mood. Check out Wim Hof for endless studies on this one.
Pro tip- breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth 7 times. Don’t panic. It starts to feel warmer after 10 seconds.

Meditation— 60 seconds
Start with one minute. Take three deep breathes, and do a body scan of your chest and feet. This increases blood flow in the brain and reduces blood pressure.
Pro tip- do it literally wherever you are. It’s one minute, it doesn’t have to be super comfortable.

Journaling — 3 minutes
Write one thing you’re grateful for to create positive confirmation bias in your day. Write one positive affirmation to create clarity and direction. Write your top to-do of the day so you can stay focused.
Pro tip- look out for an essay from me soon on how to journal effectively!
And thats it folks, in less than 10 minutes you have changed the course of your whole day.
I don’t know about you, but I’m going for GOLD.




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