If you are like most people, you probably have a questionable relationship to celery. I remember it from childhood and teenage years as the mushy bitter green in minestrone soups, a sad snack for people on diets, or the evil stick in your Bloody Mary (the only part you would leave untouched).
This changed when I was introduced to the Medical Medium, Anthony William, and endless articles, books and podcasts from the people following his celery juice regimen. I was interested, but skeptical, and decided to try it out for myself.  
It turns out this green vegetable (that is actually an herb), is indeed a miracle. Whether you are suffering from gut health issues, allergies, unstable blood sugar, hormonal imbalances, looking for more energy or better skin, celery juice has your back. The benefits seem to be endless. I’ve just picked out a few to pique your interest. Maybe you will join me in the celery fan club!

- Bloating: It relieves bloating by detoxing the liver. This leads to increased bile and strengthened stomach glands. The bile is responsible for breaking down and digesting fats. The stomach glands produce gastric juices that help break down nutrients such as protein.

- Dry and brittle nails: Celery juice helps boost your nails by restoring the liver. A sluggish and inactive liver steals all the zinc it can get its hands on. When the liver is happy and healthy, it releases zinc to the blood and can be utilized for nail production.

- Dry skin: If you are suffering from chronically dry skin you may have large amounts of fat and toxins in your bloodstream. Celery juice can help by cleaning up the liver, binding toxins and fats and flushing them out.    

- Anxiety and mood swings: A lot of what we eat and consume today contains toxic heavy metals and synthetic chemicals that puts a heavy load on our bodies. These toxins can block neurotransmitters and weaken electrical impulses throughout the brain which can cause irritability, anxiety and mood swings. Celery juice flushes those toxins out and also rejuvenates brain tissue, which helps the emotional centers of the brain.     

- Constant hunger: If you often find yourself searching for the next snack you can get your hands on, it might be that you are suffering from glucose deficiency and a so called “hungry liver”. Celery juice helps flush out toxins and dissolves fats which aids in glucose absorption.

- Fatigue, constipation, low metabolism: If you are suffering from fatigue, constipation or crappy metabolism the reason might be, you guessed it, toxins and a sluggish liver. The answer? You guessed it, celery juice. The juice flushes the toxins, awakens the liver and helps restore bile and hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This promotes digestion and your absorption of good nutrition, leaving you refreshed and energized.     
There are many, many, many more health benefits. Here are a few more of my favorite resources if you are interesting in learning more:

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to go to your juicery and stock up on this green goddess drink. Or, buy a juicer and become your own juicing queen/king.

Source: Medical Medium, Celery Juice – The most powerful medicine of our time healing millions worldwide. William, A.



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