After admitting I needed a change in my career, I had no idea where to start. I was struggling to identify who I was in career. I thought that I had to be one thing. My community had clear titles like nurse, designer, or psychologist. What was I? A “business person?” That felt very untrue.

I felt not enough of anything and, therefore, that I needed to chose between dedicating my life to the black and white world of corporate America OR quitting and becoming a monk. 

It wasn’t until I went to an intuitive reader (that’s another story) that I felt truly seen. 

She described me as a spider with legs in all kinds of different things. A constant learner who knows enough about a lot and that this, THIS, is my super power that I must embrace. 

Instead of feeling unfocused or ‘not enough’ when we look at all our seemingly unrelated interests and talents, let’s start embracing our ‘ands.’ 

I am an employee in corporate America AND a career coach AND a business owner AND an intuitive reader AND a cycle instructor AND I’m not afraid to keep adding ands!!!

Embrace your ‘ands’ because… 

Multiple careers is the new norm. Spending 10 years in HR doesn’t stop you from embracing your passion for natural medicine and becoming a homeopath tomorrow. (Bonus points for creating a business using your ‘ands’).

It fosters a growth mindset. Knowing you can be a software engineer and an astrologer, life suddenly becomes limitless.  Learning something new not a waste of time, it adds to your unique perspective in whatever you are doing. 

Through the alchemy of your ‘ands,’ you create a sum of knowledge that is completely unique. And this is exactly what the world needs!

Normalize the ANDS!

-Alyssa Williams-Sinn


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