There are many scientifically proven benefits of cultivating a consistent meditation practice, but today I just want to focus on five reasons why it has drastically improved my quality of life. From problem-solving to connecting with ancestors, I’ve grown personally, professionally, creatively, and spiritually over the past few years since I’ve adopted the practice. As recently as February of this year, I made a commitment to sit with myself every day and journal my experience, thoughts, and downloads afterwards. The results have helped me carve a path towards my life’s purpose and helped me think before I act or speak in certain situations. Less external factors bother me on a day-to-day basis and smaller things bring me joy continuously, like gazing deeply into the center of a flower on a walk with my dog. Without further ado, here are the five ways I believe meditation can change your life:

1. Create space for reflection - sitting silently with yourself allows you to reflect on your past experiences. It allows you to heal past traumas and think about what you could have done differently in certain circumstances. It helps you understand another’s perspective. It reminds us what we value most and it brings up any areas in our life where we may not be allowing our authentic selves to shine.

2. Improve your relationships - meditating teaches you to allow thoughts to come and go, and to not hang on to any for too long if they don’t serve you. Let them flow in and out, in and out. For me, they’ve taught me to think before I speak in uncomfortable situations.

3. Learn to live in the present - an important lesson meditation teaches us is that to live life to the fullest, we must live in the present. That’s true for relationships, jobs, conversations, etc… be where you are and be fully there and your life will be filled with connection (to yourselves, to others, and to nature) and meaning.

4. Allow for creativity to flow through you - creating time for your practice creates time for brainstorming and vision boarding. How do you want your life to look and what are you working towards? I believe meditation can help overturn creative blocks.

5. Find the answers that you seek - as you develop a spiritual practice, it becomes apparent that we have all the answers we seek inside of ourselves. If we are patient enough to sit still and allow ourselves to be open to receiving, we will be rewarded with a greater understanding of ourselves and our consciousness. 

I hope you’ll be encouraged by my experience and inspired by the benefits of meditation. Just remember, it’s not how long you practice, it only matters that you show up for yourself each and every day (even if it’s for a minute in bed before you fall asleep - work with what you got and begin where you are.)

Lots of love,



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